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NOW LET’S GET TO THE PICKS (reading time: 3 minutes)

Evander Kane o3.5 SOG (-115)

Believe it or not, Kane is outshooting McDavid & Draisaitl this season, and that’s with two minutes less of ice time compared to them. Kane is averaging 4.2 SOG over his last five games while also averaging 7.4 Shot Attempts. In just five games, Kane has totaled 37 Shot Attempts. If you’re curious, McDavid has 27 total Shot Attempts & Draisaitl has 25 Shot Attempts. Kane has been in the league for a very long time (since 2009), so when we look at his career against the Penguins, he’s averaged 3.88 SOG per game (29 total games). However, when we look at his last ten games versus the Penguins, he’s averaged 4.10 SOG per game.

Jonathan Marchessault o2.5 SOG (-145)

Marchessault is having a stellar season already. In just six games, he has FIVE goals for the season. Making him ranked 5th in the league with also the LEAST amount of minutes compared to the other guys on top of him. The only thing that scares me is his Shot Attempts. Marchessault is averaging 5.83 Shot Attempts per game (six total games). It’s not bad whatsoever, but I would feel more comfortable around the 6.5-7 mark. However, he does have a great history when facing the Maple Leafs. Before going there, I want to say he hit this over at a 61% hit rate last season. Over his career, Marchessault has 53 total SOG when facing the Leafs – averaging out to 3.11 SOG per game (17 games). When we look at it from the time he’s been a part of the Vegas Golden Knights, he has 25 SOG – averaging 3.12 SOG per game (8 games). And that’s something I can get behind.

Tyler Seguin o2.5 SOG (-125)

I’m hesitant with Dallas players, as their shifts are very short. However, Seguin actually tops the charts in minutes, as he’s averaging 16.9 minutes on the ice. Guys like Robertson see 15.6 minutes, and Hintz sees 15.2 minutes. Heck, even Pavelski only averages 14.6 minutes. Anyway – Seguin has hit this over 4/5 games this season with 4.8 Shot Attempts this season. However, Seguin must have a particular type of hate for the Senators because this man is averaging 3.42 SOG per game (33 games) in his career. In a shorter timeframe, Seguin averages 4.83 SOG per game (6 games).

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