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NOW LET’S GET TO THE PICKS (reading time: 3 minutes)

David Pastrnak o4.5 SOG (+130)

I don’t understand why we’re getting such high plus odds on this when Pasta has hit this over every game this season. Pasta has 24 total SOG this season – averaging 6.0 SOG per game. If that’s not enough for you, Pasta has 41 total Shot Attempts over his first four games – averaging 10.25 Shot Attempts per game. He faces the worst team in the league tonight, as they’re allowing 42.5 SOG per game and have allowed 21 goals in just four games. This is a perfect matchup for Pasta.

William Nylander o2.5 SOG (-140)

I love this prop. Nylander has hit the over on this prop every game this season while averaging 4.5 SOG per game and 7.25 Shot Attempts. Best of all, in Nylander’s last three games versus the Stars, he has totaled 13 SOG – averaging 4.33 SOG per game. Leafs took an L on Monday when they faced the Coyotes. However, I think this is a perfect bounce-back spot for the Leafs, and we should see a hungry Leafs team, and that only means good news for us with Nylander.

Roman Josi o3.5 SOG (+100)

Plus odds on Josi? Yes, please. If we ignore the Prague games the Preds had versus the Sharks, then we can say that Josi has hit the over every game at this line. Josi has 16 SOG over his last three games – averaging 5.33 SOG per game. And if you said, “Ok, let’s see his complete game log.” Sure, he has 21 total SOG, which still averages way above the line coming out to 4.2 SOG per game. What’s really important to me is that Josi has had 45 Shot Attempts for the season already (5 games) – averaging 9 Shot Attempts per game. Last season when Josi faced the Blue Jackets, he averaged 4.11 SOG over nine games. A very sweet spot for Josi tonight.

Elias Pettersson o2.5 SOG (-130)

I have typically been writing up three picks, but today I feel extra generous and wanted to add one more pick. Pettersson has been fantastic to start the season. He has totaled 14 SOG over his first four games – averaging 3.5 SOG per game. I really like the number of Shot Attempts this man has made this season. Pettersson has 32 Shot Attempts in his first four games this season – averaging 8 Shot Attempts per game. And tonight, he’s facing the fourth-worst team in the league. The Minnesota Wild are allowing 35.7 SOG per game. It should be an excellent spot for Pettersson.

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