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NOW LET’S GET TO THE PICKS (reading time: 2 minutes)

Dougie Hamilton o3.0 SOG

This Ducks team has gotten beaten up over their last two games. Last night they took a 6-4 loss, and tonight, they’ll have to face a Devils team that is hungry. Ducks have allowed 13 goals in just two games and have seen 129 SOG over the season’s first three games. Averaging 43 SOG per game. Dougie has started the season with 7 SOG and 15 Shot Attempts over his first two games. All while clocking in 22.7 minutes per game. Dougie has a career 23 SOG versus the Ducks in his last seven games. Averaging 3.28 SOG. Sure, it sounds like a push, but a team that is giving up 43 SOG per game should let Dougie hit the target at least five times tonight.

Troy Terry o2.5 SOG

The Devils are also a team that hasn’t started on the right foot. Over their first two games, they’ve allowed ten goals and 63 total SOG. Averaging 31.5 SOG per game. Luckily for Terry, he has a pretty decent history with the Devils. Over his career, he has 9 SOG vs. the Devils. Averaging to 3 SOG per game. His last two games against the Devils, he had 8 SOG, so that’s something to pay attention to. Lastly, and this is pretty important too. Terry has hit this over all three games of the season. Terry has 10 SOG and 24 Shot Attempts.

Devils/Ducks o0.5 Goals Allowed

By now, you should’ve probably known this was coming. As mentioned above, the Ducks are a team that has allowed 17 goals in their first three games while seeing 43 SOG per game. On the other side, the Devils have allowed ten goals and 63 total SOG. Averaging 31.5 SOG per game. Best of all? Devils have scored 100% of the time within 10 minutes of the first period, and the Ducks have scored 67% of the time within the first 10 minutes. Let’s lock it in, boys. Catch you on Discord

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