Jumpstart your thrill-o-meter with our Top MLB Parlay Picks this 7/18! With hotshots Bryce Harpe and Luis Matos ready to swing for the fences at smoking +146 odds!

Buckle up, baseball fans! Let’s delve into the exciting realm of sports betting, taking our data-driven approach to MLB picks today. As always, we’ll rely on OddsJam to navigate the field and guide us through our MLB lines. Here’s our expert insight into today’s best bets and a peek at your potential MLB picks and parlays.

Bryce Harper (Phillies) o1.5 Total Bases

A Consistent Powerhouse

Our first player under the spotlight is Bryce Harper, who’s been turning heads with his performance. He’s maintained a stunning average of 2.1 total bases over his last ten games and an even more impressive 2.6 total bases over the previous five games.

Furthermore, he’s proven his worth by scoring at least one hit in a whopping 70% of the season’s games, or 42 out of 60 matches to be precise.

The RHP Rumble: Harper vs. Teheran

Harper’s clash against RHP Julio Teheran is one to look forward to, as the former boasts a dazzling .404 batting average against him throughout his career. His prowess doesn’t stop there; he’s also managed a .290 batting average over the last 10 games against RHPs. Will he be able to sustain this momentum? Odds are, he will. And that’s why he’s one of our top MLB picks today.

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Luis Matos (Giants) u1.5 Hits

A Struggle Against The Odds

In contrast, Luis Matos seems to be having a rough time hitting this season. With only 7 successful hits in 26 games, he’s recorded a less than flattering 27% hit rate, which lands him in our watch list for underperformers.

Matos vs. Weaver: A Difficult Standoff

Matos is set to face RHP Luke Weaver, which poses a significant challenge for him. His Achilles’ heel? RHPs, against whom he’s managed a meagre .200 batting average in his last ten games.

In fact, Matos’s struggle against RHPs is evident throughout the season, with a disappointing .217 batting average. Moreover, his performance tends to worsen on the road, with a .250 batting average compared to his .268 average at home.

Fliff Picks

So, gear up, take our MLB picks today, and prepare for an exciting day of MLB lines and potential wins. Remember, nothing beats the thrill of a well-placed wager in the realm of MLB picks and parlays. Let the games begin!


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