Swing for the Fences: Catch the Freeman and Acuna firestorm in Today’s Top MLB Parlay Picks at +190!

Freddie Freeman (Dodgers) o1.5 Total Bases

Let’s start with Freddie Freeman, a player who’s been making a strong case for your betting consideration. Freeman’s bat is no stranger to consistency, as evidenced by him securing at least one hit in 77% of the season’s games so far (46 out of 60). And if you look at his recent performance, the man is on fire, bagging at least a hit in 8 out of his last 10 games. That’s an 80% hit rate, folks!

But let’s talk more numbers. Over his career, Freeman has maintained a commendable .308 batting average when facing off against right-handed pitcher (RHP) Luke Weaver, in 14 plate appearances. Zooming into this season alone, his average against RHPs is even more impressive at .322. Over the last 10 games facing the Cincinnati Reds, Freeman’s average climbs to .341. And looking at his last seven games, he’s batting .304. Add it all up, and it seems there’s a solid chance he’ll hit the over today.

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Ronald Acuna (Braves) o1.5 Total Bases

On the other side of the parlay, we have the explosive Ronald Acuna. Acuna is almost neck-to-neck with Freeman, boasting a hit in 76% of this season’s games (45 out of 59). He’s also riding high on a four-game hitting streak.

Acuna’s stats against RHP Carlos Carrasco are a sight to behold, with a career average of .375 across 9 plate appearances. This season against RHPs, his batting average is a solid .320.

Now, if we consider his record against the Mets, Acuna’s prowess really shines. He’s averaging 2.7 total bases this season when up against the Mets. And over his last ten games against them? A stellar .313 batting average. But the icing on the cake comes when you look at his average over the last seven days—a whopping .364!

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