Jump on the 6/20 MLB Parlay Picks Rocket! Come and sizzle with Freddie Freeman and Jose Abreu on the 20th of June as they light up the diamond with spectacular -112 odds.

Freddie Freeman (Dodgers) o0.5 Hits

Firstly, we’re putting the spotlight on Freddie Freeman, who’s been demonstrating exceptional consistency in finding the sweet spot. Out of 72 games in the current season, Freeman has been successful in hitting the over in a whopping 56, giving him a hit rate of 78%. However, his recent performance has been even more impressive. In the last 30 games, he’s knocked it out of the park with a hit rate of 87%, hitting the over in 26 games.

Freeman will step up to the plate against Reid Detmers, a left-handed pitcher, who’s been struggling at home this season. Detmers’ home game stats reveal a 4.65 ERA and a 1.55 WHIP, which doesn’t bode well for him. In contrast, Freeman’s batting average of .305 against lefties this season is a promising sign that he’ll continue his outstanding run of form.

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Jose Abreu (Astros) o0.5 Hits

Shifting our attention to Jose Abreu, his batting record this season is equally noteworthy. With the over hit in 47 out of 71 games, his hit rate for the season is a solid 66%. Even more interesting, when on home turf, Abreu’s recent stats show him going over in 7 out of the last 10 games, bumping his hit rate up to a formidable 70%.

Abreu will be facing off against Justin Verlander, a pitcher he has enjoyed considerable success against in the past. Boasting a .380 career batting average over 54 plate appearances against Verlander, Abreu is likely to continue his successful streak. Furthermore, Verlander’s performance on the road has been less than stellar this season, with a 5.85 ERA and a 1.55 WHIP, further enhancing Abreu’s chances.

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