Hop aboard the MLB Parlay Picks Express, leaving the station on 6/15! Get your tickets ready to ride the thrill with our all-stars, Nate Lowe and Mike Trout! Watch as they turn the heat up to “+120” degrees, setting the diamond ablaze with their sizzling performances!

Nate Lowe (Rangers) o0.5 Hits

Nate Lowe has been one of the most reliable hitters this season, with his bat connecting for at least one hit in an astonishing 50 out of 66 games so far. That’s a 76% success rate, higher than the average home run rate of most players. When playing at home, Lowe’s performance does not dwindle either. Out of the last 30 home games, he has succeeded in getting over 0.5 hits in 21 of them, amounting to a consistent 70% hit rate.

Another feather in Lowe’s cap is his impressive .375 batting average against right-handed pitchers, specifically when going up against Shohei Ohtani. With a batting average of .279 against RHPs this season, Lowe seems to have cracked the code. He’s also flaunting a .293 batting average in his last 10 games against the Angels (across 41 plate appearances), and has hit over 0.5 in 8 of the last 10 games against them, an impressive 80% success rate.

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Mike Trout (Angels) o0.5 Hits

Meanwhile, Mike Trout, a powerhouse in his own right, has also proven to be a worthwhile bet. He’s netted over 0.5 hits in 43 out of 65 games this season, making for a sturdy 66% hit rate. The star has a .333 career batting average when up against Nathan Eovaldi, making it a compelling head-to-head to look forward to.

The tale of the tape for Trout’s recent performances against the Rangers is equally impressive. A .353 batting average over the last nine games (34 plate appearances) against the Rangers suggests that they’re his favorite team to play against. He’s gone over 0.5 hits in eight of those nine games, which is an almost unbeatable 89% hit rate.


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