All Aboard the Success Express: Ride the Hit Wave with Wander Franco & Gleyber Torres – Your Top MLB Parlay Picks for 5/11 with Even Odds

Wander Franco (Rays) o0.5 Hits

First up in our parlay, we have Wander Franco. Franco has proven himself to be a reliable hitter, currently riding a six-game hitting streak. In fact, he’s managed to surpass 0.5 hits in 90% of his last ten games – a remarkable achievement that bodes well for his chances in the upcoming game.

For the season thus far, Franco has successfully exceeded 0.5 hits in 75% of the games he’s played. This demonstrates his consistent performance, making him a safe bet for our parlay.

When it comes to Franco’s history against Yankees’ pitcher Domingo German, it’s worth noting that he has managed a respectable .250 Batting Average in four previous encounters. German, on the other hand, has struggled against the Rays, sporting a 5.44 ERA and a 1.33 WHIP, a stat line that includes 51 hits, 30 earned runs, 15 walks, and 11 home runs over 49.2 innings.

Franco has also shown a knack for hitting against the Yankees as a whole, with a .274 Batting Average amassed over 62 plate appearances. He’s managed to exceed 0.5 hits in 75% of his games against the Yankees.

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Gleyber Torres (Yankees) o0.5 Hits

Moving on to the second half of our parlay, we turn to the Yankees’ Gleyber Torres. Like Franco, Torres is also in the middle of a six-game hitting streak. Moreover, he’s also managed to top 0.5 hits in 90% of his last ten games, matching Franco’s impressive feat.

For the current season, Torres has managed to exceed 0.5 hits in 68% of his games. This level of consistency is what makes him a compelling choice for our parlay.

Against Drew Rasmussen, the Rays’ pitcher, Torres boasts an impressive .333 Batting Average over seven plate appearances. He’s also been a nightmare for the Rays recently, with a .313 Batting Average over his last 11 games (48 plate appearances) against them. He’s surpassed 0.5 hits in a staggering 91% of these games.


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