If you’re a sports betting enthusiast and looking for the right player to place your bets on, Jordan Walker from the UAB Blazers should definitely be on your radar. With an average of 23.4 points per game this season, Walker is one of the most consistent and high-scoring players in Division 1 college basketball. With odds of -150 on DraftKings to score over 21.5 points, there are many reasons why you should put your money on him.

Recent Performance

Walker has been on fire lately, averaging an impressive 29.5 points over his last four games. In fact, his scoring has been so consistent that he has averaged 29.5 points over his last nine games, making him a reliable scorer to bet on. With the postseason upon us, it’s worth noting that Walker has a history of stepping up in big games. He has averaged 27.7 points per game over seven postseason games played, proving he’s a clutch performer when it matters most.

Neutral Site Success

Walker is also a player who performs well in neutral site games, averaging 24.66 points per game in those situations. This bodes well for UAB, who are playing in the Conference USA Tournament at a neutral venue. Moreover, Walker has a history of scoring against Southern Miss, averaging 23 points per game over two games in a UAB uniform. This suggests that he’s able to bring his best performances against specific teams, which is always good news for bettors.

Ball Handling and Shot Rate

One of the key reasons behind Walker’s scoring success is his ball handling ability. He has the ball 30.8% of the time, which ranks 25th in Division 1. This means that he’s in control of the game and is more likely to take the shots that matter. Walker also has a high shot rate of 34.9%, which ranks him 7th in Division 1. This indicates that he’s able to get good looks at the basket and is confident in his shot selection.

Predicted Team Score

Finally, UAB’s predicted team score is 82 points, which is a high-scoring figure. This suggests that there will be plenty of opportunities for Walker to score and potentially exceed the 21.5 points line on DraftKings.


Jordan Walker is a star player who has been in excellent form lately. With a high-scoring average and a history of performing well in big games, he’s a reliable option for those looking to place bets on player points. His ball handling ability, shot rate, and team’s predicted score all point towards him having a strong game. Therefore, bettors looking for a player to back should consider Jordan Walker to exceed 21.5 points (-150 DraftKings).

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