Read our in-depth analysis of the upcoming game between Creighton vs NC State to see if the Bluejays can cover the spread. We break down this betting preview and provide key matchups and expert insights to help you make an informed betting decision. The game is expected to be close, but Creighton has some advantages that can help them secure a win.

I. Overview of the Game

Creighton Bluejays will face off against NC State in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The game will be held at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. The Bluejays are seeded Sixth in the South Region, while the Wolfpack are the 11th seed. Creighton is favored to win by 5 points, and the total points for the game are set at 148.5.

II. Analysis of the Matchup

Creighton comes into this game with a 21-12 record, while NC State has a 23-10 record. The Bluejays are a more balanced team than NC State and have a better rebounding record. They also protect the ball well, which can limit any easy transition points the Wolfpack could pick up off turnovers. Creighton ranks 78th in the nation in 3-pt FG%, while NC State ranks 77th in 3-pt opponent FG%. The Bluejays like to jack up 3-pointers, and NC State will have to play good perimeter defense to open up the paint for Kalkbrenner, who will have another solid scoring game and help his team get it done on the glass.

NC State’s leading scorer, Smith, has struggled to shoot in his last three games, and he is likely to face a strong defense from Creighton’s guards. The Bluejays’ defense is much harder to score on, and they have a lot of size on the perimeter. Creighton would dominate if both sides were at full strength, but with the Wolfpack potentially missing a starter, even if he doesn’t play extensive minutes, I don’t see this being close.

III. Key Matchups to Watch

The game comes down to two matchups: Creighton’s guards defending the NC State backcourt and Kalkbrenner in the paint. Nembhard and Alexander are solid defenders who can handle NC State’s backcourt. Even if NC State tries to hunt for switches or take advantage of Kalkbrenner in drop coverage, Creighton has excelled at rotating and defending ball-screen actions this year.

The other key matchup comes in the paint, where Kalkbrenner will need to grapple with D.J. Burns Jr in the paint. The difference in playing styles and body types here is cartoonish. Kalkbrenner is a slender 7-foot-1, 260 pounds, while Burns is a bowling ball (generously) listed at 6-foot-9, 275 pounds. Kalkbrenner should be able to operate with his hooks and floaters over Burns, even if Burns makes it difficult for him to earn position. If the Bluejays get out in transition, Kalkbrenner could earn several buckets just by winning the race to the rim.

IV. Prediction and Betting Pick

Creighton is expected to win this game and cover the spread. NC State can keep it close with the help of Smith and Joiner’s heroics, but that isn’t the smart place to put your money. NC State is a bit of a one-trick pony. If their backcourt is able to get going, they can be a dangerous team. But they lack the depth and size to match up with Creighton across the board. Creighton’s offense can match NC State’s in terms of output, and the Bluejays’ defense is much harder to score on. Ryan Kalkbrenner’s size and skill should give the Wolfpack a secure win.

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