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Youngstown State o39.5 TT 1H (-109)

We have the Penguins at home tonight after going 1-0 on the road with a 92-81 road victory against Canisius. Tonight they face the Seahawks. In the Seahawks’ first game, they only shot 32% from the floor and had a 14% success from the three. Conversely, the Penguins played very well, shooting 57% from the floor and making 50% of their threes. Kenpom ranks YSU 202nd overall with an adjusted offense efficiency of 101.7 (122nd in rankings). In contrast, UTM is ranked 301st overall with an adjusted offense efficiency of 92.6 (310th in ranking) and 103.6 in adjusted defense efficiency (280th in rankings). That said, there’s no way UT Martin can keep Youngstown in check with guys like Malek Green, Dwayne Cohill, and Brandon Rush, who together averaged 40 PPG last season.

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