Data is king, and we’ve pinpointed the Best NFL Teaser Bet. Let’s explore. All lines come from Oddsjam, and our specific picks are courtesy of Fanduel Sportsbook. You’ll find similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook, so always odds shop online!

Lions +10, Eagles +5.0, Bills -1.5 and Seahawks -0.5 (+7 Point Teaser +180 Fanduel)

Detroit Lions @ Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens, despite their victory, enter Week 7 needing to address red-zone inefficiencies. Facing the Lions, they’ll seek to exploit Detroit’s defensive lapses, potentially through a diverse running attack. The Lions, meanwhile, will need their defensive front to step up and disrupt Baltimore’s backfield dynamics. An intriguing aspect will be the quarterback duel, with both teams’ signal-callers facing pressure to perform.

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

This storied rivalry takes a new turn, with both teams looking to assert divisional dominance. The Patriots’ defensive scheming will be crucial in neutralizing the Bills’ high-octane offense. Buffalo, known for aggressive play-calling, might employ a mix of deep passes and strategic runs to keep New England guessing. Coaching strategies, particularly in-game adjustments, will be under the spotlight as these divisional foes vie for supremacy.

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahwaks

The Cardinals, with their dynamic offense, will test a Seahawks team that has shown red-zone inconsistencies. Seattle’s defense will need to limit big plays, a hallmark of Arizona’s attack. Offensively, the Seahawks must capitalize on scoring opportunities, possibly through a more aggressive approach in enemy territory. The duel between the quarterbacks, both capable of game-changing plays, adds an electrifying layer to this matchup.

Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles

Miami’s resurgence faces a stern test in Philadelphia, where the Eagles’ formidable front could disrupt the Dolphins’ plans. Miami’s defense, aggressive and versatile, will look to force turnovers and create short-field opportunities. The Eagles might counter with a quick-passing game and solid ground attack to keep Miami’s pass rush at bay. Coaching decisions, particularly on fourth downs and in critical moments, could sway this evenly poised contest.

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What’s a Teaser?

A teaser is a type of combined bet where you can adjust the point spread or the total points (Over/Under) to your advantage by a specific number of points. This can make it easier to win each individual bet. However, the twist is that you’re bundling several bets together within this teaser, and every single one of those bets has to be correct for the entire teaser to pay out. So, while you get more favorable terms on each individual bet, you’re also taking on the risk of needing multiple outcomes to go your way.


Best NFL teaser bet for Week 7 of the NFL promises a slew of exciting matchups, with teams looking to either maintain their winning momentum or seeking redemption from their previous losses. The detailed insights from Week 6 provide a glimpse into the potential strategies and player performances that might be pivotal in the upcoming games. From high-scoring affairs to defensive battles, fans can anticipate a thrilling week of football ahead. The matchups will not only test the teams’ resilience and adaptability but also provide a platform for standout players to make their mark. As the season progresses, each game becomes increasingly crucial in shaping the path to the playoffs, amplifying the excitement and stakes of every matchup.

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