Data is king, and we’ve pinpointed the Best NFL Teaser Bet. Let’s explore. All lines come from Oddsjam, and our specific picks are courtesy of Fanduel Sportsbook. You’ll find similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook, so always odds shop online!

Chiefs -3, Eagles +0.5, 49ers +1.0 and Bills -6.5 (+7.5 Point Teaser +170 Fanduel)

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Denver Broncos are experiencing a tumultuous season, riddled with inconsistencies and setbacks. The Kansas City Chiefs, despite not being at their peak — reminiscent of their title-winning form — have the tools necessary to capitalize on the Broncos’ vulnerabilities. Considering the Broncos’ defense recently conceded a staggering 70 points to Miami, it seems quite plausible that the Chiefs, led by the offensive genius of Patrick Mahomes, could have a field day against them.

San Francisco 49ers @ Cleveland Browns

The San Francisco 49ers are showing all the hallmarks of a championship-caliber team this season. Their strategic gameplay, combined with sheer talent, places them in the Super Bowl conversation. Up next are the Cleveland Browns, recognized for their stout defense. However, when these two titans clash, the Browns will be hard-pressed to hand the 49ers their first defeat. The 49ers’ dynamic offense could pose numerous challenges even for a defense as competent as the Browns.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets

Regarding the New York Jets, their victory against the Broncos, though narrow, showcased their grit. Yet, that win came against a struggling Broncos side. While the Jets enjoy a strong defensive unit and the home advantage, this week’s challenge may prove to be a tall order. Their resilience and ability to adapt during high-pressure situations will be thoroughly tested.

New York Giants @ Buffalo Bills

Lastly, the Buffalo Bills return home after a less-than-stellar performance in London. The New York Giants, currently facing a myriad of issues, might find themselves bearing the brunt of a Bills side eager to make a statement. With the Giants grappling with the tag of being one of the league’s least impressive outfits, they’re heading into a hostile environment. Buffalo’s stadium promises to be a cauldron of noise and energy, further amplifying the challenges the Giants will face on game day.

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What’s a Teaser?

A teaser is a type of combined bet where you can adjust the point spread or the total points (Over/Under) to your advantage by a specific number of points. This can make it easier to win each individual bet. However, the twist is that you’re bundling several bets together within this teaser, and every single one of those bets has to be correct for the entire teaser to pay out. So, while you get more favorable terms on each individual bet, you’re also taking on the risk of needing multiple outcomes to go your way.


Best NFL teaser bet for the upcoming matchups promise to be a blend of strategic prowess, sheer determination, and high-octane action. As the Broncos face a formidable Chiefs side and the 49ers gear up against the defensively stout Browns, fans are in for a treat. Meanwhile, the Jets and the Bills both face significant challenges, each with its own narrative. But one thing remains certain: in the unpredictable theater of the NFL, passion meets strategy head-on. As teams battle for supremacy, every play, every decision, and every moment will count. Buckle up for an enthralling week of football!

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