Data is king, and we’ve pinpointed the Best NFL Teaser Bet. Let’s explore. All lines come from Oddsjam, and our specific picks are courtesy of Fanduel Sportsbook. You’ll find similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook, so always odds shop online!

Texans +8.0, Chiefs +3.0, and 49ers +3.0 (+6.5 Point Teaser +130 Fanduel)

Houston Texans @ Atlanta Falcons

The rise of CJ Stroud has been one of the notable narratives this season. His performance, agility, and game-reading abilities have caught the eyes of analysts and fans alike. Facing the Falcons, known for their resilience at home, presents an interesting challenge. However, the main concern for the Falcons will be the form of their quarterback, Ridder. His inconsistencies might just be the opening the Texans need. Given the Texans’ recent performances and the vulnerabilities the Falcons have shown, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Texans manage to keep it competitive or even clinch a victory.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Minnesota Vikings

The Kansas City Chiefs, led by the dynamic Patrick Mahomes, had to grind out a win against a surprisingly robust Jets defense last week. This shows the unpredictability of the NFL, where any team can rise to the occasion on any given Sunday. However, when it comes to their upcoming game against the Vikings, the scales tip in favor of the Chiefs. The Vikings have been struggling to find their rhythm this season and appear to be in a holding pattern, which isn’t the best form to be in when facing a team of the Chiefs’ caliber.

Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have made their home ground a fortress. With a combination of a fast-paced offense and a watertight defense, they’ve managed to dominate teams at home. Up next are the Dallas Cowboys, a team known for their formidable defense this season. While the Cowboys have showcased moments of brilliance, it’s also worth noting that their schedule might have given them some advantages. When they face the 49ers, it will be a true test of their capabilities and resilience. This matchup is likely to be a litmus test, determining if the Cowboys’ defensive prowess is genuinely elite or if they’ve been flattered by their schedule.

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What’s a Teaser?

A teaser is a type of combined bet where you can adjust the point spread or the total points (Over/Under) to your advantage by a specific number of points. This can make it easier to win each individual bet. However, the twist is that you’re bundling several bets together within this teaser, and every single one of those bets has to be correct for the entire teaser to pay out. So, while you get more favorable terms on each individual bet, you’re also taking on the risk of needing multiple outcomes to go your way.


As the matchups unfold, the dynamics look particularly favorable for the 49ers, Chiefs, and Texans. While every NFL game carries its own surprises, the current form and circumstances point towards potential victories for these three teams in their respective contests.