Data is king, and we’ve pinpointed the Best NFL Teaser Bet. Let’s explore. All lines come from Oddsjam, and our specific picks are courtesy of Fanduel Sportsbook. You’ll find similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook, so always odds shop online!

Eagles -0.5, 49ers -1.5, and Cowboys -3.0 (+6.5 Point Teaser +130 Fanduel)

Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Vikings lost to the Bucs in a close game, while the Eagles narrowly secured a win. With the Eagles’ home opener in Philadelphia, it’s doubtful the Vikings will rebound, especially given Cousins’ history with primetime games.

San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams

Both the Seahawks and 49ers impressed in Week 1. However, the Seahawks’ defense doesn’t seem on par with the 49ers. Expect Mr. Irrelevant to shine and the 49ers’ defense to challenge the Rams’ offense.

New York Jets @ Dallas Cowboys

Both teams showcased stellar defenses. But with the Jets starting Zach Wilson on the road and facing a team in their home opener, they might struggle. The Jets’ run-focused approach could be problematic, especially without ARod this year.

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What’s a Teaser?

A teaser is a type of combined bet where you can adjust the point spread or the total points (Over/Under) to your advantage by a specific number of points. This can make it easier to win each individual bet. However, the twist is that you’re bundling several bets together within this teaser, and every single one of those bets has to be correct for the entire teaser to pay out. So, while you get more favorable terms on each individual bet, you’re also taking on the risk of needing multiple outcomes to go your way.


The upcoming matchups promise high stakes and intense gameplay. The Eagles seem poised for a win at their home opener, while the 49ers’ defense looks set to challenge the Rams. The Jets, despite a strong defense, may find the going tough on the road, especially with their run-first strategy and the absence of ARod. As always in the NFL, anything can happen, but these insights offer a glimpse into potential outcomes on why I believe this is the best NFL teaser bet of the week.