Dive headfirst into the Best MLB Prop Picks Today 7/05: Sleeper Picks! Uncover the thrill of betting with our heroes, Turner and Hernandez. Don’t miss the fun!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the most enticing MLB picks today! Utilizing state-of-the-art resources such as OddsJam, we’ll dissect the ripest MLB odds for a likely lucrative parlay. Prepare yourself for a slew of free MLB picks that could brighten your day.

Justin Turner (Red Sox) o0.5 Hits

Renowned third baseman Justin Turner, with his commendable season performance, is a shining beacon amongst the Los Angeles Dodgers’ lineup. Turner’s record this season demonstrates an extraordinary 68% hit rate, achieving over 0.5 hits in 56 out of 82 games. That’s no mean feat!

Moreover, Turner’s recent form surpasses his overall season performance with a phenomenal 77% hit rate – he’s hit over 0.5 in 23 of the last 30 games. Today’s challenge brings him face to face with Jon Gray from the Texas Rangers. Historically, Turner holds a solid .333 batting average against Gray over 44 plate appearances.

Even when we cast our net wider to Turner’s career history with the Rangers, we see a striking .309 batting average. In his most recent form, Turner has maintained a .286 batting average in the past seven games. Such an impressive track record undoubtedly places Justin Turner as a safe bet within today’s DraftKings Sportsbook MLB picks.

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Teoscar Hernandez (Mariners) o0.5 Hits

Switching our focus to the Toronto Blue Jays, outfielder Teoscar Hernandez has consistently showcased his hitting prowess this season. He’s made over 0.5 hits in 20 of 30 games, indicating a hefty 67% hit rate.

Hernandez isn’t just about seasonal stats, though; his current form is equally exciting. He’s on a fantastic five-game hitting streak, underlining his remarkable current form. Today’s game pits Hernandez against Alex Cobb of the San Francisco Giants, and history suggests this is a favorable matchup for Hernandez. He’s managed a remarkable .417 batting average against Cobb.

Even his most recent encounters with right-handed pitchers reveal a decent .278 average over the last five games. Clearly, Hernandez’s stats are promising, positioning him as one of our MLB picks and parlays for the day.

In the world of MLB picks and parlays, Justin Turner and Teoscar Hernandez are your Best MLB Prop Picks Today 7/05. Hope you win, and make sure to check back for more free picks articles each and every day!


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