Buckle up for Best MLB Prop Picks Today 7/04: Sleeper Picks! Our power-packed article dives into the thrilling world of MLB betting with heroes Luis Arraez and Trea Turner. Don’t miss out!

Step up to the plate, sports bettors, and prepare for the grand slam of all MLB Prop Picks articles. Gear up for a breathtaking experience as we delve into the heart of MLB to give you the best bets today on Sleeper, powered by insights from OddsJam. In the spirit of America’s favorite pastime, we’ve got the inside scoop on MLB odds, expert picks, and parlay action, ensuring you’re ready to knock your next bet out of the park.

Luis Arraez (Marlins) o0.5 Singles

Get ready to play ball with our first selection, the sensational Luis Arraez. Known for his prowess in landing singles, Arraez has been phenomenal this season, averaging 1.23 singles per game. Of his 119 hits, a staggering 82% (98 of them) are singles. Arraez’s knack for singles has given him a significant 82% chance of notching at least one in every game.

Tuesday brings Arraez face-to-face with right-handed pitcher (RHP) Adam Wainwright, who has notably struggled on the road, holding a substantial 6.04 ERA and 1.66 WHIP. With this statistical advantage, expect Arraez to capitalize on this match-up. Furthermore, Arraez’s .388 batting average against right-handed pitchers this season adds a significant edge to this MLB pick. Factor in his astounding .425 batting average at home, and you’ve got a recipe for an exciting game.

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Trea Turner (Phillies) o0.5 Hits

Next in our line-up of MLB picks today is Trea Turner, renowned for his impressive hit rate. Turner’s consistency shines through with a hit in 20 of his past 30 games, yielding an impressive 67% hit rate. Even more exciting, his recent performance shows an 80% hit rate, with Turner hitting over in 8 out of his last 10 games.

He’s going toe-to-toe with Zach Eflin, but don’t let that worry you. Turner’s career stats against Eflin showcase a solid .292 batting average across 25 plate appearances. His current season performance against right-handed pitchers stands at a respectable .261 batting average. However, it’s Turner’s recent .313 batting average in his last eight games against the Rays that truly highlights his hitting prowess.

In the world of MLB picks and parlays, Luis Arraez and Trea Turner are your Best MLB Prop Picks Today 7/4. Hope you win, and make sure to check back for more free picks articles each and every day!


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