All set for a sizzler? 6/20 Best MLB Prop Picks are about to set the field on fire! The dynamic duo of Austin Riley and Jose Altuve are strapping on their batting gloves, armed with stats hotter than a summer BBQ!

Austin Riley (Braves) o0.5 Hits

First, let’s take a peek at Atlanta’s heavy hitter, Austin Riley. He’s been in absolute top form this season, reaching or exceeding one hit in an impressive 50 out of 72 games so far – that’s a 69% success rate. If we shrink the sample size to the most recent 30 games, the story gets even better. In this snapshot, Riley managed to register at least one hit in 21 outings, a noteworthy 70% success rate.

Even more encouraging for bettors is his track record against the Phillies’ Ranger Suarez. Across a span of 15 confrontations, Riley’s batting average against Suarez stands at a staggering .417. That’s not just good – that’s elite! Furthermore, in all four games Riley has faced off against the Phillies this season, he’s achieved at least one hit every time. A perfect hit rate of 100%!

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Jose Altuve (Astros) o0.5 Hits

Meanwhile, over in the American League, we have the Houston Astros’ dynamo, Jose Altuve. His performance this season has been nothing short of sensational, managing to secure at least one hit in 13 of his 22 games. That equates to a commendable 59% hit rate.

When up against right-handed pitchers (RHP), Altuve’s brilliance shines even brighter, boasting a .297 batting average this season. However, this pales in comparison to his batting average against one specific RHP – Justin Verlander. Across 19 plate appearances against Verlander, Altuve has an awe-inspiring .562 batting average.

Adding more weight to our argument is Verlander’s less-than-stellar performance on the road this season. His Earned Run Average (ERA) is a hefty 5.85, accompanied by a 1.55 Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched (WHIP). Simply put, Verlander is prone to conceding hits, making it all the more likely for Altuve to capitalize.

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