6/16 MLB Prop Picks Ignite with Seager & Freeman’s Scorching Hot Stats!

Corey Seager (Rangers) o0.5 Hits

First off, let’s talk about Corey Seager, the dynamo who’s been a consistent deliverer at the plate. This season, he’s recorded at least one hit in 29 of his 37 games, revealing an impressive hit rate of 78%. Just to underscore how hot his bat has been lately, he’s met the over in 5 of his last 6 games, upping that rate to an outstanding 83%.

If those stats aren’t compelling enough, Seager’s performance against today’s opposing pitcher, right-hander Kevin Gausman, should be. With a career batting average of .500 over 16 plate appearances, Gausman has found it challenging to get Seager out. In general, Seager has displayed dominance against right-handed pitchers this season, boasting a .333 batting average.

However, the magic doesn’t stop there. Seager has been particularly potent when facing the Blue Jays throughout his career. With a .417 batting average over 48 plate appearances and recording at least one hit in 11 of his last 10 games (an astounding 92% hit rate), Seager’s bat seems to sing when the Blue Jays take the field.

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Freddie Freeman (Dodgers) o0.5 Hits

Switching gears to another batter we’re keen on, Freddie Freeman. He’s been a model of consistency this season, notching a hit in 53 of his 69 games. That translates to a 77% hit rate. Over his last 30 games, he’s even more consistent, registering a hit in 26 encounters and lifting his hit rate to 87%.

Freeman also shines when he’s up against today’s rival right-hander, John Brebbia. Over 8 plate appearances, he’s held a dominant .667 batting average. His general performance against right-handed pitchers is also worth noting, with a .302 batting average this season.

To complete the analysis, let’s look at Freeman’s recent record against the Giants. His last 10 games have seen him maintain a .282 batting average over 39 plate appearances. Moreover, he’s recorded at least one hit in 8 of these 10 games, which equates to an 80% hit rate.

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