MLB Spectacle: Goldschmidt & Arraez’s Blazing Numbers Ignite Our 6/14 Best MLB Prop Picks!

Paul Goldschmidt (Cardinals) o0.5 Hits

First up, we have Paul Goldschmidt, fondly known as ‘Goldy,’ who’s been nothing short of a hit machine this season. He’s knocked out the o0.5 hit count in 43 out of his 66 games thus far, displaying an impressive 65% hit rate.

The spotlight shines brighter on Goldy as he’s riding high on a four-match hitting spree. His red-hot form is sure to worry any pitcher, more so Anthony DeSclafani, who’s lined up against him next. History narrates a tale favoring Goldy, boasting a staggering .567 batting average across his career when up against DeSclafani. The sample size? A noteworthy 35 plate appearances.

DeSclafani is going through a rough patch himself, especially on the road. His last couple of away games saw him endure a hefty 6.30 ERA alongside a 1.40 WHIP.

And it’s not just DeSclafani, but the Giants as a team haven’t found an answer to the Goldy conundrum. Over his last ten encounters against them, Goldy has maintained a .439 batting average, further solidifying his dominance. And if you’re still looking for reasons to back Goldy, his recent form will make you nod – he holds a .438 batting average over his previous four games!

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Luis Arraez (Marlins) o0.5 Singles

Moving on to the second part of our parlay, we’re betting on Luis Arraez to deliver at least one single. Arraez, a maestro of consistent hitting, has produced at least one hit in 51 out of his 63 games, equating to an 81% hit rate.

If you’re pondering why we’ve specifically emphasized singles, let’s look at some numbers. Arraez, out of his 91 hits this season, sent 74 of them for singles. That’s a remarkable 82% of his hits being singles, or a rate of 1.17 singles per game.

The odds look more appealing when considering Arraez’s track record against the right-handed pitcher, Luis Castillo. Arraez has achieved a perfect 1.000 batting average over his career when facing off against Castillo.

Furthermore, Arraez hasn’t been shy to exhibit his strength against right-handed pitchers in general this season. He’s brandished a robust .366 batting average, further underlining his potential to deliver in the upcoming game.

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