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Rafael Devers (Red Sox) o0.5 Hits

Rafael Devers has been a hitting machine this season, accumulating 37 hits in just 38 games. More importantly, he’s consistently gone over 0.5 hits in 23 out of 38 games, which translates to an impressive 61% hit rate.

Looking at his recent form, Devers’ bat seems to be heating up even more. Over his last 10 games, he’s gone over 0.5 hits 70% of the time. He’s also riding the momentum of a two-game hitting streak.

When we consider his past performance against Steven Matz, things look even more promising. In nine plate appearances against Matz, Devers boasts a remarkable .444 batting average. Matz’s career stats against the Red Sox are also less than stellar, with a 5.75 ERA and a 1.87 WHIP, giving up 31 hits, 13 earned runs, and 7 walks in 20.1 innings.

Turning our attention to the Cardinals, Devers holds a strong .350 batting average over 20 plate appearances. In fact, he’s gone over 0.5 hits in five of his six games against them, for an exceptional 83% hit rate.

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Christian Yelich (Brewers) o0.5 Hits

Christian Yelich is another player that’s been a consistent performer at the plate this season. He’s secured 35 hits across 37 games, hitting over 0.5 hits in 59% of those outings.

Just like Devers, Yelich’s recent form suggests an upward trend. Over the last 10 games, he’s hit over 0.5 hits 80% of the time, indicating a potential scoring bonanza in the upcoming games.

His career batting average against Zack Greinke stands at .296 over 28 plate appearances, suggesting he knows how to handle Greinke’s pitches. Greinke’s recent form against the Brewers and overall this season hasn’t been great either, boasting a 4.74 and 5.18 ERA respectively. He’s also given up 19 hits, 10 earned runs, and 5 homers in his last 19 innings against the Brewers.

Against the Royals, Yelich maintains a solid .286 batting average over his last 14 games, with 49 plate appearances. He’s also consistently hit over 0.5 hits in 10 out of 14 games against them, a solid 71% hit rate.

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