Score big with our top MLB Prop Picks for 5/11! Uncover why Yandy Diaz and Christian Walker are our surefire choices for Sleeper

Yandy Diaz (Rays) o0.5 Hits

Firstly, we’ll delve into the compelling case of Yandy Diaz. The Rays’ hotshot has amassed an impressive total of 40 hits in the current season’s 35 games. Even more intriguing, he’s surpassed the 0.5 hits mark in 24 of those 35 outings – a commendable 69% success rate. Zooming into his more recent performances, Diaz has been on fire, going over the 0.5 hits bar in a staggering 85% of his last 20 games.

Currently riding the wave of an eight-game hitting streak, Diaz seems to have a particular affinity for facing Domingo German. He boasts a career Batting Average (BA) of .353 against German from 21 plate appearances. Furthermore, German has struggled against the Rays in general, with a career Earned Run Average (ERA) of 5.44 and a WHIP of 1.33, having conceded 51 hits, 30 earned runs, and 11 home runs in 49.2 innings.

Diaz’s historical performance against the New York Yankees also bodes well for our bet. He has maintained a BA of .300 over his last 18 games (70 plate appearances) against them. Moreover, his recent encounters with the Yankees have seen him ramp up his BA to .350 in his last 11 games (40 plate appearances). Diaz has successfully gone over 0.5 hits in 82% of his last 11 games against the Yankees – a statistic that strengthens his case significantly.

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Christian Walker (Diamondbacks) o0.5 Hits

Now, let’s shift our attention to the slugger from the southwest, Christian Walker. Walker’s season has mirrored Diaz’s in many ways, with 37 hits across 35 games. He has hit the over 0.5 mark in 60% of these games. In his last 12 games, this figure rises to an impressive 75%.

Walker’s career BA against Alex Cobb stands at a phenomenal .429, over 17 plate appearances. Cobb, on the other hand, has had a rough time against the Diamondbacks, registering a 6.10 ERA and a 1.61 WHIP over his career. Cobb has allowed 38 hits, 21 earned runs, and 12 walks in 31 innings.

Walker’s encounters with the San Francisco Giants have also been fruitful. He has a BA of .325 over his last ten games (40 plate appearances) against them. Furthermore, Walker has hit the over 0.5 mark in 90% of his last ten games against the Giants. This statistic alone adds significant weight to Walker’s chances.

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