Data is king and we’ve identified the Best MLB Player Props 8/9/23. Let’s dive in. All lines are via Oddsjam and specific picks are from Fanduel Sportsbook. Most plays will have similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook so make sure you odds shop when betting online!

Best MLB Props Pick #1: David Peterson o3.5 Strikeouts (-154) Fanduel

Starting with David Peterson of the New York Mets, he boasts a strikeout percentage of 27%. When facing batters with an average strikeout percentage of 21%, Peterson has pitched 65.1 innings in 12 games started, securing 69 strikeouts in the process. His average strikeouts per start come to 5.75, with an average of 5.43 innings per start. This yields a potential of 4.9 strikeouts per game. Peterson’s next appearance against the Chicago Cubs has a betting line set at 3.5, with odds at -154. His performance has been pivotal for the Mets’ rotation, and he’ll be looking to add to his impressive numbers in this matchup.

Best MLB Props Pick #2: Logan Allen o4.5 Strikeouts (-122) Fanduel

Now, looking at Logan Allen of the Cleveland Guardians, his strikeout percentage stands at 25%. Against batters with an average strikeout percentage of 22%, Allen has thrown 86.1 innings over 16 games started, racking up 85 strikeouts. He averages 5.31 strikeouts per start, with an average of 5.38 innings per start. These figures translate into a potential of 6.0 strikeouts per game. For Allen’s upcoming game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the line is positioned at 4.5, with odds at -122. Allen’s consistency and skill are vital to the Guardians’ success, and he’ll aim to showcase his talent in this game.

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Calculating Potential Strikeouts

You might wonder how we calculate potential strikeouts. First, we analyze the batting order, then estimate potential plate appearances based on the typical duration a pitcher stays in the game. Next, we multiply the expected plate appearances by each batter’s seasonal strikeout percentage. This gives us the potential strikeouts for each batter. Finally, adding these up, we arrive at the total potential strikeouts for the pitcher in the game. Thus, we can make an accurate estimate of a pitcher’s strikeout potential against a specific lineup.


In summary, both Peterson and Allen bring unique attributes and strengths to their respective teams. Peterson’s ability to notch strikeouts consistently could prove valuable for the Mets, while Allen’s steady presence and experience are important for the Guardians. Whether you are forming your fantasy lineup or looking to place a bet, these details and insights can guide your choices. Further analysis of the team dynamics, matchups, and recent performances can give you a more nuanced understanding of the game. Enjoy the baseball action, and may the odds be in your favor!

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