Data is king and we’ve identified the Best MLB Player Props 8/28/23. Let’s dive in. All lines are via Oddsjam and specific picks are from Fanduel Sportsbook. Most plays will have similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook so make sure you odds shop when betting online!

Best MLB Props Pick #1: Johan Oviedo o4.5 Strikeouts (-154) Fanduel

Johan Oviedo, representing the Pittsburgh Pirates, has put on quite the performance this season. He’s currently preparing for a duel against the Kansas City Royals. Oviedo carries a commendable strikeout percentage of 23%, and given the batters he’s set to face have an average strikeout rate of 22%, it promises to be a closely-fought match-up. Oviedo has pitched for 145.1 innings this season, achieving 129 strikeouts in the process. Over his 26 starts, he’s clocked an average of 4.96 strikeouts per game, typically pitching for about 5.58 innings. With this data in mind, Oviedo is projected to land roughly 4.6 strikeouts in his upcoming clash against the Royals. For those who keep an eye on betting metrics, Oviedo’s game line is set at 4.5, with odds at -154.

Best MLB Props Pick #2: Kevin Gausman o6.5 Strikeouts (-122) Fanduel

On the other hand, we have Kevin Gausman of the Toronto Blue Jays, a pitcher who’s been on fire this season. Gearing up to take on the Washington Nationals, Gausman flaunts an impressive strikeout percentage of 34%. Interestingly, the batters he’ll be confronting have a slightly lower average strikeout rate of 17%. Throughout the season, Gausman has consistently delivered, accumulating a whopping 195 strikeouts over 150.1 innings. His 25 starts have witnessed an average of 7.80 strikeouts per match, and he usually pitches for a solid 6 innings. Analyzing this, we can anticipate Gausman to potentially achieve around 7.2 strikeouts in his face-off against Washington. Bettors should note that Gausman’s game line is pitched at 6.5, with odds coming in at -122.

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Calculating Potential Strikeouts

To calculate potential strikeouts, we analyze the batting order, determining potential plate appearances while considering the pitcher’s usual game duration. We multiply expected plate appearances by each batter’s strikeout percentage for the season. Finally, we sum up the potential strikeouts for the entire batting order to obtain the pitcher’s total potential strikeouts for the game. This method allows for a more precise estimation of a pitcher’s strikeout potential against a specific lineup.


In conclusion, both Oviedo and Gausman are poised to bring their A-game. With Oviedo squaring off against Kansas City’s lineup and Gausman taking the challenge against Washington, baseball enthusiasts can certainly look forward to some top-tier pitching. These match-ups are a testament to the thrilling unpredictability of the game. Make sure to catch these captivating bouts!

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