Data is king and we’ve identified the Best MLB Player Props 8/14/23. Let’s dive in. All lines are via Oddsjam and specific picks are from Fanduel Sportsbook. Most plays will have similar lines on DraftKings Sportsbook so make sure you odds shop when betting online!

Best MLB Props Pick #1: Framber Valdez o5.5 Strikeouts (-122) Fanduel

Framber Valdez, representing the Houston Astros, enters the fray with a notable strikeout percentage of 28%. Up against hitters with a collective strikeout rate of 24%, Valdez has displayed exemplary form this season. Over his 142 innings pitched, he has accumulated an impressive 144 strikeouts, averaging about 6.55 strikeouts in each of his 22 starts. When he takes the mound, Valdez generally covers about 6.45 innings, suggesting a potential of around 7 strikeouts in the upcoming game against the Marlins. The game line for Valdez is set at 5.5, with odds standing at -122. Valdez’s sharp curveball, combined with a knack for painting the corners, has consistently kept hitters guessing.

Best MLB Props Pick #2: Braxton Garrett o5.5 Strikeouts (+124) Fanduel

Conversely, Braxton Garrett of the Miami Marlins comes into the game with a close strikeout percentage of 27%. He faces batters who typically strike out about 23% of the time. With 117 innings under his belt this season, Garrett has notched up 125 strikeouts, meaning he strikes out roughly 5.68 batters every time he starts. Over his 22 starts, he has averaged 5.32 innings, hinting at a potential of 6.2 strikeouts against the Astros. His game line mirrors that of Valdez at 5.5, but the odds for Garrett are slightly in favor at 124. Garrett, though not as seasoned as Valdez, has shown promise with a deceptive changeup and a solid breaking ball.

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Calculating Potential Strikeouts

To sum it up, this pitching duel juxtaposes two very distinct styles. While Gomber leans on strategy, pitch variety, and control, Sale uses his sheer power and exceptional skills to dominate hitters. If you’re deciding on a fantasy lineup or looking to place a bet, consider the matchup specifics, the teams’ recent form, and other vital dynamics. Baseball, after all, is a game of inches and every detail counts. Enjoy the spectacle, and may your decisions yield success!


In conclusion, this pitching duel promises a lot for fans and analysts. While Valdez has a slight edge in terms of strikeout ability and innings pitched, Garrett is no pushover and brings his own strengths to the table. For those keen on fantasy baseball or sports betting, take into account the recent performances of these pitchers, their historical matchups against the respective lineups, and the overall team dynamics. As the Astros take on the Marlins, expect some captivating baseball, filled with strategic pitching and, of course, strikeouts.

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