Data is king and we’ve identified the Best MLB Player Props 6/6/23. Let’s dive in.

Best MLB Props Pick #1: Luke Weaver o4.5 Strikeouts (+104) Fanduel

Luke Weaver, currently with the Cincinnati Reds, showcases a commendable 24% strikeout rate. He’s up against batters carrying an average strikeout rate of 23%. Having consistently performed, Weaver averages 5.25 strikeouts per start. Consequently, bettors can predict around 6.4 strikeouts in his next game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The current betting line for Weaver stands at 4.5, with odds of 104. His regular strikeout performance may potentially push him above this line.

Best MLB Props Pick #2: Zack Greinke o3.5 Strikeouts (-106) Fanduel

Meanwhile, Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals holds a 20% strikeout rate. He is set to face off against batters having an average strikeout rate of 24%. Despite this challenging matchup, Greinke maintains a regular output, with an average of 3.92 strikeouts per start. This allows bettors to anticipate roughly 5.2 strikeouts in his upcoming duel with the Miami Marlins. At present, the betting line for Greinke is 3.5, and the odds are -106. Despite a comparatively lower strikeout rate, Greinke’s consistency could enable him to surpass this line.

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Calculating Potential Strikeouts

You might wonder how we calculate potential strikeouts. First, we analyze the batting order, then estimate potential plate appearances based on the typical duration a pitcher stays in the game. Next, we multiply the expected plate appearances by each batter’s seasonal strikeout percentage. This gives us the potential strikeouts for each batter. Finally, adding these up, we arrive at the total potential strikeouts for the pitcher in the game. Thus, we can make an accurate estimate of a pitcher’s strikeout potential against a specific lineup.


In conclusion, both Luke Weaver and Zack Greinke present interesting betting options for today’s MLB strikeout prop bets. With Weaver’s steady 24% strikeout rate and Greinke’s consistent performance, they could both beat their respective lines. If you’re looking to bet on dependable strikeout pitchers, both Weaver and Greinke warrant consideration.

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