Data is king and we’ve identified the Best MLB Player Props 6/21/23. Let’s dive in.

Best MLB Props Pick #1: Brad Singer o4.5 Strikeouts (-122) Fanduel

Switching gears, we next look at Brady Singer from the Kansas City Royals. Singer has a strikeout percentage of 23% and typically faces batters with a 24% average strikeout rate. This equates to Singer achieving an average of 4.64 strikeouts per start. Given his next game against the Detroit Tigers, Singer’s potential strikeouts are projected to be around 6.1. The betting line currently stands at 4.5, with odds at -122. Given his solid strikeout rate and the Tigers’ propensity to strike out, Singer could potentially exceed this line.

Best MLB Props Pick #2: Taj Bradley o5.5 Strikeouts (-156) Fanduel

Then we have Taj Bradley of the Tampa Bay Rays, who boasts an impressive strikeout percentage of 38%. His opponents usually have an average strikeout rate of 23%. This results in Bradley averaging a high 7.00 strikeouts per start. In his next outing against the Baltimore Orioles, his potential strikeouts are estimated at around 5.6. With a betting line of 5.5 and odds at -156, Bradley looks to be a strong candidate for exceeding this line, considering his high strikeout rate and the Orioles’ tendency to strike out.

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Calculating Potential Strikeouts

You might wonder how we calculate potential strikeouts. First, we analyze the batting order, then estimate potential plate appearances based on the typical duration a pitcher stays in the game. Next, we multiply the expected plate appearances by each batter’s seasonal strikeout percentage. This gives us the potential strikeouts for each batter. Finally, adding these up, we arrive at the total potential strikeouts for the pitcher in the game. Thus, we can make an accurate estimate of a pitcher’s strikeout potential against a specific lineup.


In conclusion, both Brady Singer and Taj Bradley could offer value for today’s MLB strikeout prop bets. Given their individual strikeout rates and their opponents’ average strikeout rates, both stand a good chance of surpassing their respective betting lines. For those seeking potential strikeout bets, Singer and Bradley should definitely be considered.

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