Data is king and we’ve identified the Best MLB Player Props 4/27/23. Let’s dive in.

Best MLB Player Props #1: Matt Strahm o5.5 Strikeouts (-134) Fanduel

First on our list for tonight’s MLB strikeout prop bets is Matt Strahm from the Philadelphia Phillies. With an astounding 42% strikeout percentage, Strahm will face the Seattle Mariners, who hold a 23% average strikeout rate. Averaging 6.75 strikeouts per start and a potential of 6.4 strikeouts, he’s well-suited to exceed the over on his 5.5 line at -134 odds.

Best MLB Player Props #2: Shane McClanahan o6.5 Strikeouts (-150) Fanduel

Our second choice for tonight’s MLB strikeout prop bets is Shane McClanahan from the Tampa Bay Rays. With an impressive 36% strikeout percentage, McClanahan will go against the Chicago White Sox, who have an average strikeout rate of 25%. As he averages 7.4 strikeouts per start and has a potential for 6.0 strikeouts, McClanahan is likely to surpass the over on his 6.5 line at -150 odds.

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Calculating Potential Strikeouts

To calculate potential strikeouts, we analyze the batting order, determining potential plate appearances while considering the pitcher’s usual game duration. We multiply expected plate appearances by each batter’s strikeout percentage for the season. Finally, we sum up the potential strikeouts for the entire batting order to obtain the pitcher’s total potential strikeouts for the game. This method allows for a more precise estimation of a pitcher’s strikeout potential against a specific lineup.


Matt Strahm and Shane McClanahan stand out as top MLB strikeout prop picks tonight. Strahm’s incredible 42% strikeout percentage and the Mariners’ 23% average strikeout rate make it likely for him to reach the over on his 5.5 line at -134 odds. Similarly, Shane McClanahan’s strong performance against the White Sox’s lineup, with a 25% average strikeout rate, positions him well to exceed the over on his 6.5 line at -150 odds. Watch these talented pitchers as they aim for outstanding strikeout performances tonight.

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