The NBA season has finally arrived, and what better way to kick it off than with a 25x NBA PrizePicks lineup for opening night? We’ve analyzed the matchups and player performances to bring you some winning NBA prop picks. Let’s dive right in!

Steph Curry Over Half a Point

We’re starting with a bang, folks. Steph Curry’s performance is a no-brainer. If you’re new to sports betting, this one’s a free square. Take the over on half a point for Curry. Don’t overthink it; just move along to the next pick.

Chris Paul’s Point Line

Chris Paul, the evergreen point guard, finds himself in a new team jersey, but some things remain the same. However, this time, it’s not necessarily a good thing for CP3’s point line. It’s been bumped down to 12 points, and for a reason.

Paul tends to pass the ball more when surrounded by capable scorers. Given the composition of his new team, he’s likely to distribute and play some defense rather than take scoring matters into his own hands. Against our better judgment, we’re going with the under on 12 points for Chris Paul.

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The Rookie Sensation

Let’s talk about the rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama who’s caught our eye. We’ve got a great line on him – over 15.5 points. This line was an absolute steal at that number, but it’s already moved up to 16.5 and even 17.5 on some books. Still, we like the over.

Additionally, consider taking the over on 22.5 points and rebounds. In the preseason, this rookie demonstrated his versatility with four assists in one game, although he had zero in another. While he didn’t average many rebounds in the preseason, we anticipate him stepping up in this department. With more playing time, the over on 22.5 points and rebounds looks enticing.

Clint Capela: Reliable Scorer

Clint Capela has been a reliable scorer against the Charlotte Hornets, averaging over 12 points in all three games last season. The Hornets’ defense doesn’t seem to have improved, so Capela is in a good spot.

Even if he splits time at the five this season, we expect him to get a solid 24-plus minutes on the court. Over the last seven years of his NBA career, he’s consistently averaged 11.9 points or more per game. Take the over on his point line.

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Austin Reaves: Emerging Star

Austin Reaves started to make waves towards the end of last season, and he carried that momentum into the preseason. He led the team in scoring and minutes during the preseason, and we expect him to continue making an impact.

Keep an eye on his three-point prop, set at over 1.5 threes, which seems like a good option. D’Angelo Russell, on the other hand, has been focusing on distributing the ball more, so Reaves is likely to be the tertiary scorer on the team.

Sleeper Pick: D’Angelo Russell’s Assists

A hidden gem in the prop market is D’Angelo Russell’s assists. Many books have it at 5.5 assists, but some offer it at 4.5 with heavy juice on the over. We recommend taking the over on his assists, especially if you can find it at 4.5.

In the preseason, Russell displayed an impressive assist rate, despite not being in the top three for minutes played. With his focus on distributing the ball and playing a more facilitative role, he could easily surpass this line.

And there you have it, our top picks for the opening night of the NBA season on PrizePicks. Keep in mind that odds may change, so be sure to check the latest lines before placing your bets. Enjoy the games, and let’s get those wins! 🏀💰

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