James Conner has a few interesting 2022 NFL Futures Props. But one stands out more than the rest…

2022 NFL Futures Props for James Conner

The often-injured running back for the Arizona Cardinals has a brazen rushing prop for the 2022-2023 season.

I say this because so many things can go wrong for him to hit the under but it would take a mostly perfect storm for him to hit the over.

Conner has cleared this prop just once in his career, despite receiving 169 or more carries in three seasons.

In 2021, James Conner even had a very healthy 202 carries and finished with just 752 rushing yards due to his weak 3.7 yards per carry.

And right when you thought Conner has a chance for more carries when the team let Chase Edmonds leave in Free Agency, the Arizona Cardinals brought in Darrell Williams to compliment him in the backfield.

James Conner has several running backs chomping at his heels, an offense that likely runs through Kyler Murray, an ineffective long-term running style that leads to low yards per carry, and the potential for injury at any point throughout the season.

Just too many things can go wrong.

I am taking the under on this 2022 NFL Futures player prop for James Conner.
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In 2021, I posted a single article with four plays:

✅Trevor Lawrence u4,150 Yards -112

✅Matt Stafford o4,700.5 -118

✅Detroit Lions u5 Wins -121

✅Houston Texans u4.5 Wins

In the 2022 Season

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2022 NFL Futures Props for James Conner
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